Network design proposals & bids
Site survey & drive testing
Traffic, frequency & interference analysis
Network design, engineering & deliverables
Technical support

Solution Snapshots

RF Geo Solutions understands and appreciates that your input data is directly attributable to your output accuracy. The source data, resolution, delivery time and price are all customer driven.

New product solutions & pricing are continually updated to reflect the latest geomatic advances.

> Land Use / Land Cover extraction
> Satellite images  
> Aerial photography  
> Vector & Raster data formatting and mosaics  
> Remote sensing
> GIS / CENSUS data / Location based intelligence
> Geoconversions (over 100 datum & projections supported)
> Spectrum maps / Tower location databases
> Sourcing ‘off-the-shelf’ datasets through an
extensive international network of suppliers
> GPS field services, inventory and training

Solution Philosophy
Source Data
Supported Formats and Software Tools